Speckle Park Hunter Valley


Speckle Park is considered one of the best quality cattle breeds in the world today, with less fat than other breeds and more premium quality cuts. This breed, though new to Australia, has a bright future with demand and supply already growing – and Australia’s climate makes it the perfect breeding ground for this stock.

Speckle Park Hunter Valley is a registered stud with the Australian Speckle Park Association.
All our stock is certified, has a strict history and structured breeding program. We do not allow any cross breeding and adhere to the highest quality industry standards (see specklepark.org).

Our natural mating program allows our accredited and certified Bulls to naturally inseminate our stock, which allows our cows to be born free range – on the land and without human interference.

The breed comes in 3 colours (see above) and in black. Black animals must have the word [black] after its name. All black animals must have DNA verification before they can be registered. For more information go to the regulations and the guidance notes.

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Pure Speckle Park bred, available early 2016


Pure Speckle Park bred, available early 2016

Cows and calf

Pure bred Speckle Park in calf. Available now


2 years old Speckle Park bull ‘Ice Cream’. Junior Show Champion. Registered and certified – $6,000. Available early 2016

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